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You will find here all woman fashion collections.

This category includes all the basics of your wardrobe and much more:

shoes, accessories, printed t-shirts, feminine dresses, women's jeans!



Choose from t-shirts, tops, blouses, short sleeves, long sleeves, tank tops, 3/4 sleeves and more.

Find the cut that suits you the best!

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1,380 NT$

*独家配方技术研发天然激活因子TPCG®-1 *舒缓肌肤不适胶原小分子好吸收 *淡化细纹 *提升肌肤的防护力

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1,380 NT$

*独家配方技术研发-天然激活因子TPCG®-1 *舒缓肌肤不适胶原小分子好吸收 *淡化细纹 *提升肌肤的防护力

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*独家配方技术研发天然激活因子TPCG®-2 *小分子容易被肌肤所吸收含多重营养成分多糖类 *能保护肌肤不受外在侵袭支撑及增强肌肤防御力 *迅速深入肌肤底层促进修复保养

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*独家配方技术研发天然激活因子TPCG®-6 *舒缓肌肤不适胶原小分子好吸收 *淡化细纹 *提升肌肤的防护力

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